"The article is PERFECT. Many many thanks for all the work you put into getting out AAG's

social media story--it is greatly appreciated!"

--- Joyce Connolly, Museum Specialist, Smithsonian Gardens  

    "I was very pleased with the "Trial by Jury" video news release. But my satisfaction extends well beyond the product itself: working with you on this project was a rare pleasure. I respect your skills, which are considerable. But I appreciate even more that you made an effort to involve me in the work and to explain what you were doing and why. This doesn't happen very often, and when it does it makes an experience more valuable and more rewarding.

    Your example would well serve other people who are not inclined towards patience and do not take the time to educate. Should the opportunity arise to produce another VNR, I would hope to have the pleasure of working with you again."

---Steve Brown, American Bar Association, Section of Litigation


 "You have worked tirelessly for the zone to document these gardens and spread the word about the importance of garden documentation. You have done such an outstanding job."
"Everything you touch turns out so great, so this exhibit is in good hands!”
---Nancy Bechtol, Director, Office of Facilities Management at Smithsonian Institution


    "You did a wonderful job outlining Smithsonian Gardens' social media efforts. I hope your article will drive more members to our blogs, Facebook, etc. and in turn encourage them to try documenting gardens in their area."

--- Barbara Faust, Director of Smithsonian Gardens