Stories are all about ANGLES. The images I've chosen for this site were taken when I traveled to the Italian coast a little while back. Walking underneath an ancient bridge near a town built into steep oceanside cliffs, I noticed how many natural and man-made angles and shapes enveloped this one small scene...making the bridge look so different in each shot I took. Stories are meant to be told, but the angle used to approach a story can be the bridge to a reader or listener. Finding the right angle will deliver

your message effectively.


Some of my qualifications and experience:

*Masters in Journalism from Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University                               *TV and radio reporter, newscaster, and talk-show host

*College Journalism adjunct professor

*Scriptwriter, Producer, Editor of videos for training, education, marketing, and an award-winning state-wide public service campaign

*Media Trainer for large corporations and associations

*Media Relations: press releases, press conferences, media placement

*Documented an historic garden through photographs and written history which was accepted into the Smithsonian's Archives of American Gardens (AAG)

*Consultant for the AAG guiding several garden documentations for their acceptance

*Award-winning exhibitor of an historic garden

*Newsletter Editor

*Authored several articles on various subjects including media relations, published in magazines, newspapers and other publications

*Garden and food writer for major newspaper and local magazine

*Blog Editor


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